Anti-Abortion Activists Force “Conscience Protections” For Kansas Pharmacists

Kansas has become the fifth state to allow pharmacists to refuse to dispense emergency contraception. Focus On The Family cheers:

The Health Care Rights of Conscience Act prevents anyone from being forced to prescribe, distribute or administer drugs they “reasonably believe” could kill a preborn child. Supporters said the bill updates a 1969 law preventing people from being required to perform or participate in abortions. But since the advent of abortifacient drugs, an update was needed. “Before, it was just doctors and nurses and people who had conscience concerns because these things often happen in medical clinics and places like that,” said Robert Noland, executive director of the Kansas Family Policy Council. “But now it can be as simple as writing a prescription. And a pharmacist may not agree with these kinds of things.”

Kansas joins Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi and South Dakota.