Weekend Mix – DJ Shane Stiel

Get on down with your bad self with this exclusive JMG mix by San Diego’s hot DJ Shane Stiel. Setlist Twitter. Podcasts. Facebook. Interview. Beefcake.

UPCOMING GIGS: The Jungle @ Rich’s San Diego, Tonight. Vancouver Pride, Oasis Lounge, LL Bear @ Rich’s San Diego.

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: DJ Jerry Bonham. DJ Michael Fierman. DJ Sin Morera. DJ Herbie James. DJ Paul Ferrer. DJ Dave Huge.

NOTE: This is the seventh in the revived JMG Weekend Mix series in which we highlight major national and up-and-coming DJ talent. This series ran for 28 installments in 2010 with entries from such well-known names as Susan Morabito, Corey Craig, David Knapp, Paul Goodyear, Ted Eiel, and many others. Lots of great names coming in 2012!