Washington’s R-71 Loser Is Super Pissed About JMG Reader’s Email Campaign

On Thursday I told you about Paul Thomasson, the JMG reader who has launched a campaign to email every person who signed the petition to place Washington state’s failed Referendum 71 on the ballot. Yesterday Gary Randall of Protect Marriage Washington, the group that lost every court battle to cloak those names, bitterly complained about Thomasson.

I would suggest you not respond to him, however if you do, please know that your comments and probably your name will be further publicized to his readers. KOMO proudly reports, “Thomasson ‘s campaign may actually be working.” From what I’m seeing on the I-1192 petition reports, his efforts don’t seem to be working at all. The response is terrific. I am certain it will be on R-74 as well. Most of his emails that I have seen are the same with a little variation. He touts his military service, but fails to say he was removed from the military over issues with the “Don’t ask, Don’t Tell” policy. He was one of the first cases to challenge the Constitution on the matter. He was also one of the first to sign up for domestic partnerships. He also appears on most of the LGBT activist lists. While he presents himself as the “guy next door,” he is a hard core homosexual activist.

Notice the scare tactic I’ve bolded in the very first sentence. Thomasson has not published any person’s name and has redacted them from every response he’s published. The laughable irony, of course, is that because of Randall’s losing legal battles, those names are in fact available to any person in the entire world who visits the court-allowed site, WhoSigned.org.

Randall goes on to attempt to smear Thomasson as a “hard core homosexual activist.” (HURRAY!) He also attempts to insinuate some sort of scandal over Thomasson’s DADT-related dismissal from the military. Ah, the smell of desperation.