VA House OK’s Gun Permit As Voter ID

Across the nation the Republican Party is relentlessly working to stifle the voting power of immigrants, the elderly, and the poor, pushing new laws that force them to acquire often prohibitively expensive state-issued identification cards.

But in an entirely different wrinkle, the GOP has just pushed through a Virginia bill that allows the holders of concealed weapon permits to use them as voter ID.

The bill from Sen. Ralph Smith, R-Roanoke County, adding gun permits to the list of permissible voter IDs – along with driver’s licenses, voter registration cards and other documents – passed the House of Delegates on an 86-11 vote today. The measure, SB663, had already passed the Senate and now goes to the desk of Gov. Bob McDonnell.

Since you’d need a state-issued ID to qualify for a concealed weapon permit, obviously there’s some plot afoot to thwart future regulation of gun permits. After all, people need them TO VOTE. (Tipped by JMG reader Gerald)