Millions In Public Money For Ark Project

Americans United for Separation of Church and State are protesting the plan to provide $11M in Kentucky state road improvements to support the Christian theme park where the centerpiece attraction is an alleged replica of Noah’s Ark.

“The Highway-36 appropriation is intended to promote and support a religious, evangelical enterprise, violating the separation of church and state and the Kentucky Constitution’s prohibitions on government support of religion,” said Luchenitser. “The KY-36 road project has only one purpose: to support the construction of the Ark Encounter Theme Park – a proposed biblical theme park that would be in the shape of a full-size replica of Noah’s Ark, using the dimensions set forth in the Bible.” Chuck Wolfe of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet told CP that the project was necessary given the expected traffic increase courtesy of the Ark Park. “The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is designing a project to accommodate a significant increase in traffic projected for KY 36 in Grant County, northern Kentucky,” said Wolfe.

I demand millions of road improvement for MY equally historically true life-size replica of the starship Enterprise. Stop repressing my religious liberty! America was based on the Prime Directive! It’s in the BIBLE, people!

RELATED: Last year the state of Kentucky granted over $40M in sales tax rebates to the theme park’s developers. The town where the park is located also gave them a 75% discount on property taxes for the next 30 years.