JMG Reader Reaches Out To Signers Of Washington State’s Referendum 71

JMG reader Paul Thomasson writes to tip us to a project he’s embarked upon in which he is using the just-released list of names on an anti-gay petition to write and ask for a reconsidered attitude in Washington state’s upcoming ballot battle on marriage. Hit the link to read Paul’s full email and to see the more than 50 responses he’s gotten so far.

Yesterday Seattle’s KOMO learned of Paul’s campaign. Travis Mayfield reports:

Those who fought the effort to keep the R-71 signatures secret argued that not doing so would lead to harassment and intimidation of the signers. And some who have replied to Thomasson may believe that’s what he’s doing. “sick . dont send me email,” reads one reply. Supporters of gay rights argued they only wanted to see the names to have personal conversations with opponents to try to respectfully change minds. Clearly some of those contacted by Thomasson believe his efforts are sincere. “Thank you for your letter and for sharing something so personal with me. I value your communication and the love you have found,” wrote a woman identified as Alanna. With 1,600 emails sent, Thomasson is just getting started working his way through the list of 121,757 names. “I intend to continue this effort until I have transcribed and emailed all of the legible email addresses.”