HomoQuotable – Larry Kramer

“Why can’t we, once and for all, bond together to fight for our mutual needs? Where are the leaders who can lead us on this journey to our equality? Where’s our army? I don’t see either. We face this coming election naked and unprepared and as always exceptionally vulnerable.

“What does that say about how much the gay population wants to fight for these rights that I speak of? I think we help to kill each other by not fighting together to get these rights, by fighting each other instead, and not fighting against all the hate that’s always out there coming non-stop from our enemies.

“And just like all the Jews in the world couldn’t form Hannah Arendt’s army to save all their brothers and sisters, the gays of today once again do the same. You’d think one day we’d learn. You don’t get anything unless you fight for it, united and with visible numbers. If ACT UP taught us anything, it taught us that. We had greatness in our hands, but we couldn’t quite carry the ball over the goal line.

“I’m not certain I see where that necessary anger and firepower is going to come from as we approach another election, where our rights are going to be on the table for fighting over by one and all, the haters and the non-haters and the ones being hated. At this moment in time, I am not very sanguine. In fact on certain days I get downright depressed.

“All the more reason then to celebrate ACT UP’s 25th birthday, at least as a touchstone on our never-ending journey to find our equality and with the hope that one day we can get — and keep — our act together. So happy birthday, ACT UP, to all my dead brothers and sisters we couldn’t save in time. I’m sorry we’re no longer doing much that is productive to celebrate that you lived, that you were here, and that some lucky ones — all the rest of us — still are.” – Larry Kramer, writing for the Huffington Post.

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