Gary Bauer Is GLAAD To Be On The List

“I’m pleased to report that my name was included on a list of pro-family, Christian leaders. Others on the list include Chuck Colson, Tony Perkins, Jim Daly, Don Wildmon and Robert George. That’s pretty good company! So, what is this list? It is a media ‘black list’ drawn up by the GLAAD as part of its so-called ‘Commentator Accountability Project.’ GLAAD is working hard to silence conservative, pro-family, Christian voices in the media. My friends, the culture war is real. This is just the latest example of the radical left’s intolerance and its assault on free speech. That is why Fox is under attack and why advertisers on the Rush Limbaugh Show are being threatened. It is more evidence of its efforts to force faith and conservatism out of public arena and into the closet.” – Gary Bauer, writing for his American Values newsletter.

RELATED: In the 80’s Bauer was Reagan’s Chief Domestic Policy Adviser. Then he was the president of the Family Research Council from 1988 to 1999, the period after it spun off from Focus On The Family, where he was vice president. Today he is the president of the anti-gay hate group, American Values. In 2010 he was one of the first prominent signers of the Manhattan Declaration, which calls on Christians to disobey laws that protect LGBT Americans from discrimination.