An Email From Dominica

This wonderful email came in last night….

Hi Joe,

I cannot tell you how my heart sunk when I saw the story you have picked up from my island. This morning I had to verbally reprimand a coworker and ask her to stop speaking about the “gay ship”. I ignored her when she said that an arrest was made, only to find out that the story is true. I don’t know the details of what went down but it boogles my mind that the cruise organizers even bothered docking in Dominica. I’m a big believer in talking with your dollars so I totally understand and support the sentiment of gay cruises boycotting countries with anti-homosexual laws.

I’m writing you because when stories like this come out it is angering and hurtful that in 2012 things like this is still happening with apparent widespread support in some areas; but I wanted you to know that this Dominican girl has been reading your blog, laughing at your jokes, crying over your tales of lost friends and even listening to some of your recommended disco songs for a few years now. There are haters out there, but there are also lovers and I know that we are on the right side of history. Also, please tell the Farmboys I love them and if they’ll like to gay adopt a 30 year old island girl that I’m available.


[For those unaware, Farmboyz is the collective name for Father Tony and his husband, a monicker they earned many years ago due to a Connecticut farmhouse they once owned.]