Tony Adams: A Letter From The Bishop

Tonight: A special JMG event as Father Tony Adams presents the first public reading of his new play, A Letter From The Bishop.

In November of 2011, Father Tony wrote “A Letter From The Bishop”, a play about three gay priests and their Catholic bishop who is against marriage equality. It is also about promises, obedience and conscience. Most of you are familiar with the energetic homophobia of the Roman Catholic bishops of America, but obscure is the soul of the gay priest who must follow that agenda. Or not. Although the characters are entirely fictional, the business of the play is being repeated in cities across the country. The four readers are Ken Averett, Philip Brisbois, Tim Rogers and Chad Thilborger. (That cast includes an Episcopalian priest, an ex-Jesuit and two professional actors. You’ll be hard pressed to assign the labels correctly!) The reading is hosted by Stonewall National Museum and Archives in Fort Lauderdale.

The reading begins at 7pm Eastern time. You may see a short commercial before the feed goes live. If you’d like to chat with others watching the feed, hit the large mid-screen play button to open a new window. Click the lower play button to stay on JMG.

UPDATE: The performance is completed. Thanks everybody!