Ruben Diaz Praises Dolan & Christie

“In these dangerous times that we live in – times that lack family values and lack respect for human life – it is refreshing to see how God has blessed us with these two champions. Cardinal Dolan is a staunch defender of the sanctity of family life. Clearly it is God’s will that he has been chosen by the Almighty to lead us in these times of uncertainty. Governor Christie has also shown that he stands for family values. It is a rare to find any politician in our days – especially in a liberal state – where we can find this kind of integrity. The action taken by Governor Christie to defend the family in this region of our nation takes courage and commitment. My prayers are with Cardinal Dolan and Governor Christie, and I ask for all of you to pray for both of them so God can continue to give them strength and wisdom. I am Senator Rev. Rubén Díaz and this is what you should know.” – NY Sen. Ruben Diaz, writing on his official government page.