Quote Of The Day – Ruth Jacobs

“What is it about Baltimore County councilmember Tom Quirk? He sponsors a ‘gender identity’ bill to legalize transvestite behavior with the result that cross-dressing men will be able to enter the ladies’ room. Then he fails to understand how this could be a problem. Quirk also claims he doesn’t want discrimination against transgenders. Then he wouldn’t want discrimination against anyone based on sexual orientation, right? Yet members of the ex-gay community repeatedly asked Quirk to include former homosexuals in his bill, but he ignores them. If Quirk wants to protect people who changed their gender, why doesn’t he also protect people who have changed their sexual orientation? It seems he is providing protection only to his favored groups. Tom Quirk, do the right thing and kill your gender identity bill — it discriminates against women.” – Ruth Jacobs, head of Maryland Citizens for Responsible Government.