Quote Of The Day – Pastor Bill Devlin

“This will now go like a flood from east to west because the misnamed [American] Civil Liberties Union will grab ahold of this, as will other forces that oppose worship and oppose the church. This will go like a tsunami across the nation. So when they say that they’re just excluding churches for whatever reason, it’s discriminatory, it’s a monstrosity of religious intolerance, it’s wrong, and it’s against the Constitution, which guarantees religious liberty and the freedom of speech.” – Manhattan Bible Church head Bill Devlin, who claims to be in the 28th day of a protest fast over the eviction of churches from NYC public schools.

RELATED: I noticed a couple of gay activists listed in the friends section of Devlin’s Facebook page, so I clicked around to see if his “church” is gay-friendly. (It totally is not.) But only if you are working at home today should you dare click on the partners link on his website. And even then, maybe not.