NY Sen. Ruben Diaz On Prop 8

“The Ninth Circuit Court in California has decided to overrule Proposition 8, a ballot measure that added a provision to the California Constitution that “only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California”. You should know that this Ninth Circuit Court panel of unelected judges has decided that they know better than the will of more than half of California’s population. People often ask me how I cope with all of the chaos that surrounds us. I tell them that as a Christian, I am not afraid. I know that no matter whatever trials and tribulations life presents to any of us, I trust the Lord. This does not give me nor anyone else the right to sit back and do nothing.” – New York Sen. Ruben Diaz, writing on this official state webpage.

RELATED: You may recall that Diaz has twice led hate marches through the streets of Manhattan in which tens of thousands of raving Hispanic evangelicals waved anti-gay placards as their religious leaders used loudspeakers to cite biblical verses calling for the executions of homosexuals.