How To Help Anchorage

For years I’ve blogged about the attempt to gain LGBT protections in Anchorage, Alaska, a campaign that has been ongoing for the last 35 years. Today Dan Savage tips us to an opportunity to help.

The LGBT community in Anchorage—sick of waiting for basic civil rights protections—decided to put an equal rights initiative on the ballot. One Anchorage needed to gather 5,871 signatures to qualify; they quickly gathered 13,600 signatures. Voters in Anchorage will say “yes” or “no” to Proposition 5 on April 3. The mayor and city council don’t have the power to veto or rescind a voter-approved initiative. So voters here approve Prop 5, Anchorage will finally—after 35 years—have an equal rights law that protects LGBT citizens. [snip] To combat the inevitable, last-minute anti-gay/anti-trans hate campaign, One Anchorage is raising money to get television ads on the air up here in the last weeks of the campaign. They’re asking people to consider donating $35—one dollar for each year that Anchorage has been fighting for equality and basic civil rights protection.

Hit the links for more info and donation pages.