HomoQuotable – R. Clark Cooper

“Liberals don’t have to understand it, and they don’t have to like it, but the world does have to accept it: gay people can be conservative, and there are many more like Sheriff Paul Babeu in our ranks. And that’s a good thing. Log Cabin Republicans are unique in that the arguments we make in favor of freedom for gay and lesbian Americans are distinctly conservative. In his short time in the public eye as a gay man, Paul Babeu is already making the case for equality in a way that resonates with Republicans.” – Log Cabin Republicans head R. Clark Cooper, writing for the viciously anti-gay Washington Times, which was founded by the Unification Church (Moonies.)

NOTE: And by “making the case for equality” Clark must be referring to when Babeu told the national CNN audience that states should be able to vote on gay rights. And that the “federal government needs to get the heck out of the way” on such issues. Ask a black person what they think about that fucking kind of “case for equality.”