Gothamist Commenter Arrested For Making Death Threat Against NYPD Chief Ray Kelly

A commenter on Gothamist has been arrested after posting the above threat against NYPD Chief Ray Kelly. Gothamist notes:

Just a friendly reminder that police officers are carefully monitoring your comments on the Internets, so you should probably refrain from threatening to kill anybody. Just sayin! Idiotic death threats are a clear violation of the Gothamist comment policy, and we will not hesitate to cooperate with the NYPD if you’re making such threats.

Obviously, I agree with their policy on this. As I’ve stated here regularly for years, even the most idle and “jokey” threats of physical harm to any person or property are completely unacceptable on JMG. Like Gothamist, I will not hesitate to comply with law enforcement demands for IP information in such cases.

Keep in mind that in almost every instance of such threats being posted to JMG, it’s almost laughably apparent that these threats are made by our enemies with the goal of grabbing “gotcha” screencaps for use on anti-gay websites. Please email me immediately when you see such attempts.