Freedom To Marry Demand Marriage Equality Plank At Dem Convention

Via press release:

From now through the September convention, Freedom to Marry will organize to secure inclusion of a freedom to marry plank in the party platform. Freedom to Marry’s Democrats: Say I Do campaign will enlist Democratic party leaders, elected officials, activists, and voters to make the case to the Platform Drafting Committee in support of the freedom to marry plank. As the Committee holds field hearings and other mechanisms for public participation, Freedom to Marry will mobilize committed same-sex couples, both married and those unable to marry, as well as family members, friends, and allies, to make the case. Elected officials such as Freedom to Marry’s Mayors for the Freedom to Marry will join business and labor leaders and others in talking about why marriage matters. And to ensure that all Americans can be heard, Freedom to Marry has launched an online petition that people can sign, urging the party to include the plank in its national platform.

Here’s the petition.