Christie Vetoes Marriage Bill

Lambda Legal

“We are disappointed that Governor Christie did not do what is right for New Jersey families, but we are not discouraged,” said Hayley Gorenberg, Lambda Legal Deputy Legal Director. “There are many roads to justice, and Governor Christie’s veto is an unfortunate detour to marriage equality for New Jersey’s same-sex couples and their families. We’ll continue to make our case for equality with our plaintiffs in court. We also stand by our colleagues at Garden State Equality, working to gain support for a veto override in the legislature.”


“Today, Governor Christie abandoned a majority of New Jersey voters, as well as the officials elected to represent them, who believe that every committed couple should be able to marry the person they love,” said Mike Thompson, Acting President of GLAAD. “As public support for marriage equality continues to grow, however, we are hopeful that the state legislature will continue its work to provide loving gay and lesbian couples with the vital protections that only marriage can afford.”

Freedom To Marry

By vetoing the bill that would ensure that all loving, committed New Jersey couples and their families can share in the freedom to marry, with all its protections and meaning, Governor Christie planted his feet firmly on the wrong side of history. Fortunately, his ‘no’ will not be America’s – or New Jersey’s – last word. It is simply an obstacle we overcome as we continue on the road to liberty and justice for all. Freedom to Marry will work steadily over the next months – and throughout the entire remainder of the legislative session, as necessary – supporting local families, leaders, and advocates as they make the case to their lawmakers and win the extra handful of votes needed to override the veto and do right by all families.