UK Secession For Scotland?

Scotland is once again seeing earnest talk of secession from the United Kingdom.

Salmond’s Scottish National Party (SNP), which came to power in May 2011, promised to hold a referendum on secession in the second half of a parliamentary term, lasting until 2016. And while UK’s Prime Minister David Cameron is against the split, he has agreed to a referendum — with strings attached — leading Salmond’s deputy, Nicola Sturgeon, to say, “Here we go again… another Tory-led government interfering in Scotland.” The government has firmly stated is that it takes two to tango: secession from the UK will not affect Scotland alone, so the matter cannot be decided by Scotland alone. The three biggest political parties — the Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and Labor — as well as Cameron, are opposed to a break-up of the United Kingdom. Cameron says the split, as well as “uncertainty” over the vote, was damaging the UK’s economy by deterring investment, according to the BBC.

The date for a public referendum on secession is undetermined. One recent poll showed that only 38% of Scots favor leaving the UK.