Spirit Air: Let Us Keep Scamming You

Last month I bitched about undisclosed fees that I got slammed with the first (and last) time I flew Spirit Air. Now the carrier is demanding that customers side with them in the face of new federal regulations against such deception.

Despite the fact that airline passengers clearly benefit from knowing the total cost of a fare up front, some airlines such as Spirit are unhappy about the new rule because no longer can they advertise super-cheap fares that turn out to be far more expensive when taxes, fees and round-trip ticket costs are included. For example some airlines advertise $189 flights to London, not bothering to mention that taxes on the fare will be $450 or $500. Other airlines like to run fare sales advertising $19 fares, also not including fees and taxes or the fact the fare is only one way.

As Crazy Eyes says, what chootspah.