SOTU Reactions

Servicemembers Legal Defense Network

Tonight, SLDN was pleased to hear President Obama acknowledge the contributions and sacrifices of our service members, including gay and lesbian Americans who wear our nation’s uniform. The repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ would not have been possible without his vision and determination. And at SLDN, we are encouraged by his announcement of a new initiative to hire veterans, who are coming home to a very difficult job market.

National Gay & Lesbian Task Force

The fact is, the state of the union for LGBT people remains largely one of inequality. In many parts of the country, we can still be fired from or denied employment for simply being who we are, and marriage inequality relegates our families to second-class status. If the president is truly serious about job creation and boosting America’s economic well-being, he must provide leadership to pass federal employment protections for LGBT people and end the costly and unjust federal marriage ban. He must also retain the safety net of services that so many people and families depend upon for their survival. Fairness is not a privilege of power and wealth, but a right of humanity. America rises to its best when its people are allowed to rise to theirs. We urge the president to lead the way.

No Labels

President Obama’s endorsement of the 90 day up-or-down vote on nominations is a clear validation of No Labels’ agenda,” said No Labels Co-Founder Bill Galston. “Citizens are frustrated with the endless gridlock in Washington and want to see real reform to the way Congress works. No Labels is looking forward to partnering with the President and congressional supporters from both sides of the aisle to break the logjam on Capitol Hill.” In addition, at tonight’s address, No Labels’ campaign for bipartisan seating led directly to at least 208 members of Congress agreeing to sit together with colleagues from the opposite party.


GOProud has long been an ally of the Tea Party movement. Gay and straight Americans a like know that politics as usual have failed us and that the big government policies of Barack Obama and the Democrat Party have been a disaster for this country.Barack Obama used tonight’s State of the Union to stoke the fires of class warfare. It is clear that this President fundamentally doesn’t understand how jobs are created. Instead of taking responsibility for the failures of his Presidency, he has instead decided to double down on his failed policies that will undermine our free market economic system that is responsible for making America the greatest country on the planet. GOProud is committed to making sure Barack Obama is a one-term President.

Americans For Prosperity

President Obama’s record is one of wasteful spending, jobs lost, five trillion in new debt piled up, and cronyism that favors political allies. Even the theme of his speech, ‘Built to Last’ is borrowed from GE, a company with very close ties to the Obama Administration and recipient of billions in bailout dollars. The American people know empty rhetoric when they hear it, which is why this will probably be Obama’s last State of the Union address.

Stonewall Democrats

Equality is a value at the heart of our movement and tonight, the President described a blueprint for America that is undeniably pro-equality – everyone should have an equal opportunity to succeed and everyone should pay their fair share. This bold and clear vision for America’s future stands in stark contrast to the tired and disproven schemes being peddled by the GOP. From a sensible and fair tax policy to rebuilding America’s infrastructure, the President’s blueprint for a lasting economy is exactly what our country needs to put millions back to work and make the American Dream a reality for generations to come.

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