Poll Shows 43% Of Americans Are Nuts

They should repeat this poll in light of last night’s result.

The Jan. 8 survey involved 756 people who were up to date on Tebow. The youthful 18-to-29-year-old demographic was the one most apt to believe that it isn’t just the football gods who are smiling on Tebow, with 52.3% saying yes to the Divine Intervention theory. Among ethnic groups, the Hispanic/Latino demographic was the biggest believer, with 81.3% saying yes. Among African-Americans, 59.5% said yes, and for whites it was 38.3%. Politcally speaking, 54.2% of Republicans said yes, as did 38.2% of Democrats and 35.1% of independent voters.

God cares about football but doesn’t care, apparently, about disease, starvation, war, murder, etc etc etc. Praise! Glory! Donate!