HomoQuotable – Chris Barron

“A Santorum win means nothing for ‘LGBT equality.’ A Santorum win would be, however, great news for Mitt Romney. Santorum has no money and no organization outside of Iowa and won’t even appear on the ballot in several states. A win by Santorum will expedite Mitt Romney’s path to the nomination, which is good news for Americans — gay and straight — living in the failed Obama economy and bad news for this President’s re-election chances.” – Chris Barron, speaking to Metro Weekly in his just-invented position as GOProud’s “chief strategist.”

RELATED: Two months ago, Barron endorsed serial sexual harasser Herman Cain for president. One month ago, Barron endorsed former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson just as he abandoned the GOP for a Libertarian Party run. One week ago, a sharp-eyed observer noted that Barron had deleted his many anti-Romney tweets, presumably in advance of his third endorsement. It’s his most successful year ever!