Radio Douche Michael Savage Offers Gingrich $1 Million To Drop Out

Saying he is “unelectable,” wingnut radio host (and alleged closet case) Michael Savage is offering Newt Gingrich $1M to drop out of the race within 72 hours.

Mr. Savage said Mr. Gingrich carries too much baggage as a candidate, that he failed to deliver on the Contract with America, cut a 2008 television ad with Nancy Pelosi “promoting the false theory of global warming” and took money to work on behalf of federal mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which he describes as “two of the most corrupt financial institutions in history.” “He’s cheated on two wives and left both of them while they were both seriously ill, which will destroy his chances among female voters,” he said in the post, where he also took aim at his description of the Republican plan to reform Medicare as ‘right wing social engineering’ and warned he’d lose the image battle against Mr. Obama.

Savage’s offer is technically illegal, by the way.