The Pledge Must Be In English?

A California Republican group is going after schools that allow bilingual students to recite the Pledge of Allegiance in Spanish. Because you can’t be patriotic unless you say so in English.

“What’s the most important here on this issue is that you’re asking children to stand, put their hand over their heart, and pledge; that’s a promise,” notes Cathy Carlson of the California Republican Assembly (CRA). “To me, it’s different if they’re sitting at their desk and looking up with a dictionary different words on how to translate.” KGET notes that the region is 97 percent Hispanic, and the bilingual pledge has become a tradition. In fact, Carlson tells OneNewsNow that many schools are using a Scholastic Spanish translation. “I believe that’s the translation that mis-translates ‘indivisible’ and also leaves out the phrase ‘for which it stands.’ If you don’t have those, it changes the meaning,” she contends.

Jose, can you see?