NO BIG DEAL: Students Rally Around Suspended “Gay Porn” Teacher

The above tweet is a sample of student sentiment regarding the outing and suspension of a Boston-area English teacher after he was ambushed by Fox News for having performed in gay porn videos. Mediabistro reports:

Students at a top-rated Massachusetts public high school are blasting WFXT and investigative reporter Mike Beaudet for confronting a teacher about his apparent porn star past. [snip] Since the story first aired, Beaudet and WFXT have been heavily criticized by students at the school, who have banded together in support of Hogan. On Twitter, Beaudet asked Mystic Valley students for their response to his story. Another student tweeted at Beaudet: “Hogan is the best thing that has happened to my crew team. Students now have more respect for him due to what you did #thanks” “It’s not like he was doing anything illegal,” one student tweeted, “he shouldn’t get fired.” “Reporters are so fucking annoying,” tweeted another student.

The kids are alright.