NEW YORK: Closeted State Sen. Carl Kruger To Plead Guilty To Corruption

New York state Sen. Carl Kruger will plead guilty to federal corruption charges that he took over $1 million in bribe offers to fund an extravagant lifestyle which included a garish waterfront mansion, a luxury yacht, and a Bentley. Kruger’s gynecologist boyfriend is also expected to plead guilty. The pair was effectively outed by the New York Times in March.

Mr. Kruger, an influential Democrat and 16-year legislator, was expected to plead guilty to four of the five counts in the indictment, according to two of the people. The charges include fraud conspiracy, for which he could face up to 20 years in prison, and bribery conspiracy, which carries a maximum term of five years. The two people said Mr. Turano, also charged with all five counts, was expected to plead guilty to a single bribery conspiracy count, for which he would face a maximum of five years in prison. Mr. Kruger’s lawyer, Benjamin Brafman, said Mr. Kruger and Mr. Turano were scheduled to appear before the presiding judge in the case, Jed S. Rakoff of Federal District Court in Manhattan, on Tuesday afternoon; he would not discuss the details of what was expected to transpire. If he pleads guilty to a felony, Mr. Kruger will automatically lose his job.

RELATED: Kruger was one of the eight traitorous Senate Democrats who voted against same-sex marriage in 2009, leading gay activists to denounce him as a self-hating closet case and picket outside of his home. The mainstream media took little notice at the time. However Kruger did vote in favor of marriage equality this year, perhaps because by then he’d already been outed. He has never publicly addressed his sexual orientation.