Donald Trump: An Online Candidate?

Donald Trump now says he’s considering running as an independent with the help of a group that will choose its candidate online rather than in a national convention.

“Thousands of e-mails from folks urging me to seek the Americans Elect Presidential nomination,” Trump tweeted from his @realDonaldTrump Twitter account Wednesday morning. Americans Elect is the first online, independent presidential nominating convention that aims to gain ballot access in all 50 states. According to Elliot Ackerman, the group’s chief operating officer, Americans Elect is not a third party , but a second way to nominate a presidential candidate. They have already secured a spot on the 2012 general election ballot in 11 states, are waiting for confirmation on their submitted petition signatures in three states and are in the process of collecting signatures in 15 others. So far 2.1 million people across the country have signed the Americans Election petition in support of ballot access.

Polls have suggested that most support for Trump would come at the expense of the GOP.