Christwire Vs. JMG, Part Four

This week’s assault begins like this:

O fecal wrath enablers of America, hear my plea! Pull your head from your gay phallus coddle zones and get a heavy dose of reality! All gays will burn in hell! It is in the BIBLE of our GODLY NATION. Governor Rick Perry is trying to save America from damnation, yet we see the damned thigh thrusting, magical dance of the tickle tongue anal fairy gays are being typical bigots and denying a great man from preaching the truth! There is a campaign by gays to call Governor Rick Perry a bigot for stating what we all know is true. Homosexuality is wrong! If homosexuality churns even the belly of our almighty God, being so ‘repugnant’ that it causes his brow to furrow and his nose to cinch like a Glad-lock bag trying to hold back fishy, foul odors, then what effect does it have on the body of a mere man!

Read the entire thing.