When Ladybird Called The Gay Activist

Truth Wins Out reports that Ladybird Bachmann called one of their contributors to demand payment on two missed “ex-gay” reparative therapy sessions. Because even though the undercover patient’s cover was blown when the story went public, Ladybird wants to be paid. From Ladybird’s voicemail:

Hello John Becker, this is Doctor Marcus Bachmann (emphasis his); I received a message from our billing department asking if we would write off the two no-show fees for 7/7/11 and 7/12/11. We will not (emphasis his) be writing those off, so you do owe those no-show fees, and we would expect payment as soon as possible, otherwise we will have to turn it over to collections. If you have any questions you can call (651) 379-0444. Thank you.

Somebody’s chiffon is definitely mussed!