Quote Of The Day – Judson Phillips

“This statement does nothing to advance the goals of the Tea Party movement and goes a long way towards offending people we need to be involved. Barney Frank is the worst congressman in the last century, but dumb comments like that tweet do not help our cause.” – Tea Party Nation president Judson Phillips, responding to a Tennessee Tea Party tweet that said, “Good riddance, you perverted sodomite POS!!!”

RELATED: The Tennessee Equality Project released a statement.

The Tennessee Equality Project condemns the comments made by the Tennessee Tea Party about Congressman Barney Frank. Name-calling and bigotry have no place in our public debates. Americans can disagree without denying one another’s humanity. Attacking an accomplished public official based on sexual orientation or gender identity shows the need for an open discussion about discrimination. If adults don’t set a good example, we can’t expect to address issues like bullying in our schools or discrimination on the job. TEP is ready to have an adult discussion with the people of Tennessee.”

ALSO RELATED: In the past Judson Philips has said that OWS is endorsed by Nazis, that only property owners should have the right to vote, and that the left is responsible for one billion deaths in the 20th century.