PhoboQuotable – Bill Donohue

“The fact is that the artist who made the vile video died of self-inflicted wounds: he died of AIDS. The homosexual, David Wojnarowicz, hated the Catholic Church (had he lived by its teachings, he would not have self-destructed). He once referred to Cardinal John O’Connor as a ‘fat cannibal,’ and labeled the Catholic Church a ‘house of walking swastikas.’ Sounds like the words of a bigot. But perhaps I’m too stupid not to understand that they were really meant to endear the artist to the Catholic community.” – Catholic League douchebag Bill Donohue, complaining that the Hide/Seek show (which includes a video clip by Wojnarowicz) has made it to the Brooklyn Museum. You may recall that last year Donohue pressured the Smithsonian into cancelling the same show.

RELATED: Calling the exhibit a “hate crime,” GOP New York state Sen. Andrew Lanza is calling for all public funding of the Brooklyn Museum to be revoked.

ALSO RELATED: Just last week Donohue had declined to protest the Brooklyn stop for the exhibit, saying, “We can’t be like in a dog and pony show every time they show the stupid video.” Here’s the clip he hates so much.