Is Exodus Shutting Down?

Ex-Gay Watch reports that Orlando-based “ex-gay” self-haters Exodus International is in dire financial straits and just held an emergency “secret” meeting about fundraising.

Exodus President Alan Chambers called a meeting together this past November 16. The subject was quite simply how to keep Exodus International from social and financial oblivion. In attendance were Exodus leadership, prominent religious leaders (such as Gabe Lyons) and lay people. The latter were mostly those who once counted themselves in the ex-gay camp but now are either in the process of changing their views or are fully gay affirming.

The above-linked article speculates that Exodus may be in the process of re-branding itself to something less nasty. You know, one that people would give LOTS of money to.

RELATED: This year several major former figures of the “ex-gay” movement came forward to acknowledge that the entire movement is a scam and that not one person, to their personal knowledge, has ever actually successfully changed their sexual orientation.