Hate Groups Side With GOProud

As it feeds perfectly into their ongoing meme about violent homofascists, the National Organization for Marriage and the American Family Association today both picked up on GOProud’s claim that unknown members of the “gay left” had physically assaulted reality show cast member Taylor Garrett.

NOM weighed in with the above headline on a post that approvingly links the Daily Caller story where Garrett derides gay Democrats “who want me to live on their plantation.” But leave it to the AFA’s Bryan Fischer to neatly pick up GOProud’s “gay Gestapo” claim and tie Garrett’s story into his long-running “Nazis were gay” theme.

Homosexual activists have their own version of Sharia law and their own version of jihad, and Taylor Garrett ran afoul of their Sharia law and thus became a victim of gay jihad as a result. I have been widely pilloried for correctly reminding the public that although Nazis did punish homosexuals who didn’t fit their mold (the effeminate kind), they were almost without exception homosexuals themselves. Well, you can ask Taylor Garrett if homosexuals ever attack homosexuals, and he’ll set your mind straight on that one.

GOProud and hate groups, sittin’ in a tree….