EL PASO: Judge Allows Recall Vote Over Reinstatement Of Domestic Partners

A Texas judge has ruled that Pastor Tom Brown’s recall election against El Paso’s mayor may take place. Anti-gay Christian activists are attempting to remove the mayor and two members of the city council for voting to reinstate domestic partners insurance for city employees.

Pastor Tom Brown initiated the recall drive after Cook and council members Susie Byrd and Steve Ortega voted to overturn the limiting of benefits to legal spouses and their children. Brown, who pastors El Paso’s Word of Life Church, had led the effort that led to voter approval of those limits last year.Mayor Cook challenged the recall effort, arguing that Brown violated state election law by using church resources to collect signatures for the recall petition. The Alliance Defense Fund is challenging the constitutionality of that law in federal court.

You may recall that when Brown’s initial drive to repeal domestic partners succeeded, the poorly written bill also deleted insurance for retired cops and firefighters. That was fine with Brown, as long as those 14 dirty homos didn’t get to insure their partners.