CDC Launches New HIV Testing Program Aimed At Black Gay & Bisexual Men

Timed to coincide with tomorrow’s World AIDS Day, the Centers for Disease Control has launched a new national campaign urging gay and bisexual black men to get tested.

You may already know that gay and bisexual men are the population most affected by HIV in the U.S. Black gay and bisexual men are getting hit particularly hard by the epidemic. Studies in major cities have found that, in those cities, nearly one in three black gay and bisexual men is infected with HIV, and the majority (59%) don’t even know it because they’ve never been tested or aren’t testing enough.

Hit the above link, then check out the rotating images on the home page and ask yourself if we’d ever, in a million years, see such a campaign under a Republican president.

RELATED: Dr. Kevin Fenton is director of the National Center For HIV/AIDS and is the CDC’s frontman on the new campaign. You can follow Dr. Fenton’s important work and words on Twitter.