Catholic Bishops Launch New Anti-Gay Site

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops have launched a new “marriage defense” website. And in a speech excerpted on Think Progress, Prop 8 mastermind Bishop Salvatore Cordileone vows that the Catholic Church will support the upcoming anti-gay bills in Minnesota and North Carolina. (We’ve already seen that in Minnesota.)

In the midst of these various challenges, we continue to be mindful and pray for those efforts seeking to protect the definition of marriage. These include the constitutional amendments protecting marriage in Minnesota and North Carolina, the continued efforts to do the same in Indiana, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, and efforts to repeal the redefinition of marriage and New Hampshire and Iowa. To all our brother bishops and efforts to protect marriage in these states, thank you for your courage and witness, please count on our continued support and prayers.

The above-linked site includes Sexual Difference, an instructional video on why the Blessed Virgin Mary wants you to hate the fuck out of gay couples. It also includes a bilingual prayer for God to smite those unholy dirty queers. Or something. And of course, as the Catholic Church is now an officially-sanctioned subsidiary of NOM Inc, there’s a lengthy scream about being oppressed at the hands of homofascists.

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