Brian Brownshirt: Thankful For Donations

“I cannot begin to describe how much you have done to protect marriage from being destroyed in America. If not for you, the anti-marriage radicals — with their rich Hollywood friends and their campaigns of violence and intimidation* — would have won a long time ago. Thanks to you, not only are we standing up to them, we are winning. And I hope you will enable us to win one more critical victory by making an urgent tax-deductible gift to the NOM Education Fund today.

“Anything you can donate right now will help fund our high-stakes legal battle to uphold Proposition 8 in California. We’ve just won a key victory at the California Supreme Court, allowing the Prop 8 sponsors to defend Proposition 8 in court. This victory is crucial – it prevents Governor Jerry Brown from single-handedly vetoing the will of 7 million California voters – but it also sets us on a path that will be long and very expensive, likely culminating at the U.S. Supreme Court next year.” – Brian Brownshirt, writing on NOM’s hate blog.

*Emphasis motherfucking mine.