Anti-Gay Robocalls Flood Iowa

Iowa television is reporting on the anti-gay robocalls that began flooding Iowa’s voters last night. Nobody is taking responsibility for the messages, which are tagged from a group nobody’s heard of. Wanna bet the fascists at NOM and/or the FRC are behind it? Hit the link for a video report. (Via – Good As You)

UPDATE: NOM has just issued a press release claiming that the robocall campaign is actually a false flag operation meant to make anti-gay marriage activists look like crazy bigots.

“Yesterday a phony group claiming to support marriage launched robo calls that were so offensive they clearly were designed to turn voters away from Cindy Golding because she supports marriage between one man and one woman,” said Brian Brown, president of NOM. “Neither NOM nor Family Leader had anything to do with these calls and we decry them. We call on the Attorney General to launch an investigation into this dirty trick to determine who is behind the calls, which are designed to steal the election from Ms. Golding.”

A poll released yesterday showed Golding trailing by six points. If that margin holds, NOM will surely turn her into a martyr of the robocall campaign. Which they are probably behind anyway.