Military Chaplains Vow “No Marriages”

A coalition claiming to represent over 2000 military chaplains has vowed that they will never perform a same-sex wedding ceremony. Nobody is trying to make them marry gay people, but they want you to know anyway.

Col. Ron Crews (USA-Ret.), who served as a chaplain for 28 years, is executive director of the Alliance. He says his coalition is joining the Catholic Archdiocese for Military Services to say “no” to the directive. “They made a very strong statement saying that no Catholic chaplains serving in the military will participate in any same-sex ceremonies at any chapels. We appreciate that strong stand,” he shares. “So we just wanted to let the Department of Defense know that it’s not only the Catholic chaplains, but that some 2,000 chaplains who come from evangelical backgrounds are saying our chaplains will not participate in same-sex ceremonies in the military.” Crews says the Alliance is once again calling on Congress to enact a right of conscience clause in the revised code to ensure that no American service members are forced to deny what the Bible says about homosexuality.