CA: Feds Crack Down On Medical Pot

Calling the crackdown “no joke,” The Atlantic has more on the DOJ’s move to close California’s biggest legal marijuana dispensaries.

On Friday, the DOJ issued a press release outlining its recent enforcement actions, and it’s clear the feds mean business. In addition to the 38 letters they sent out on Thursday giving dispensaries a 45-day ultimatum to close, they’ve indicted six people for drug trafficking in connection with a now-closed store called NoHo Caregivers in Los Angeles and raided the store’s former site (now a dispensary called Green Camel) where they seized 23.5 pounds of marijuana. The NoHo indictment charges the defendants with distributing “approximately 600 to 700 pounds of marijuana per month” at the NoHo store and other stores in California as well as transporting it to New York and Pennsylvania. The feds also filed three forfeiture actions (meaning they moved to seize the property) against three different properties, including one that held eight separate marijuana dispensaries.