Brian Brownshirt’s Hypocritical Claim: Outside Millionaires Are Outrageously Donating Against Our Secret Ones!!!

“I need you to help NOM PAC New York take this fight to the next level. A handful of multimillionaires are trying to buy the Republican Party and force same-sex marriage on the nation. The only way to fight back is for every one of us to stand up and make our voices heard – by talking to our friends, by getting personally involved, and by putting whatever funds we have to work in the fight to protect marriage. We may not have multi-millionaires to bankroll an entire campaign in one night, but we have something better – hundreds of thousands of Americans who agree that marriage is important and deserves to be protected.” – NOM president Brian Brownshirt, waddling neck-deep in a hypocritical complaint about outside money pouring into New York.

NOTE: You may recall that NOM has literally promised to “pour millions” into the campaigns of those running against gay marriage supporters. That’s OK for them, but not for us. Got that?