Zillionaire Anti-Gay Jews For Jesus

Jay Sekulow, who convinced the Supreme Court that Jews For Jesus had the right to harass people at airports, is the head of Pat Robertson’s anti-gay American Center for Law & Justice. And surprise surprise, that gig is earning him tens of millions from tax-exempt “charities.”

Since 1998, the two charities have paid out more than $33 million to members of Sekulow’s family and businesses they own or co-own, according to the charities’ federal tax returns. One of the charities is controlled by the Sekulow family — tax documents show that all four of CASE’s board members are Sekulows and another is an officer — an arrangement criticized by a nonprofit watchdog group. The founder of a different Christian legal organization takes aim at the idea of Sekulow profiting in the name of religion, saying it isn’t what Jesus would do. The American Center for Law and Justice’s tax attorney says the payments to the Sekulows and businesses they own or co-own are all made for the charities’ benefit and have passed an IRS audit. Sekulow’s supporters say he is a humble man dedicated to the Christian cause. Members of the Sekulow family declined requests for interviews.

A spokesman for Sekulow calls him “one of the most successful lawyers in the country whose income is very small and owns a very small home.” Sekulow actually owns three luxury homes with a combined worth of nearly $2 million. Just a tiny lie for Jeebus! Oh and he gives Antonin Scalia rides on his private jet. Glory! Praise Him!