NOM Launches Billboard Campaign Against Pro-Marriage New York State Senators

NOM has launched a billboard campaign intent on unseating the New York state senators who voted for marriage equality.

“Just like David Weprin discovered earlier this month when he faced voters after redefining marriage, Mark Grisanti, Stephen Saland, James Alesi, Roy McDonald and Shirley Huntley will soon discover that the people of New York will not sit idly by while the institution of marriage is redefined without voters having any say in the matter,” said Brian Brown, president of NOM. “NOM and our Let The People Vote” coalition will not rest until these legislators are turned out of office and the people of New York are allowed to vote on the definition of marriage.”

As everybody well knows, marriage equality will never come to a public vote in New York state. NOM’s campaign is really meant to terrorize legislators in other states.