AFTAH To “Honor” Scott Lively

What do you call it when two SPLC-certified hate groups get together for an orgy of self-congratulation? Next month Porno Pete’s one-man-show, AFTAH, will “honor” one of the main forces behind Uganda’s “kill gays” bill, Pink Swastika author Scott Lively.

As you will know if you have ever attended an Americans For Truth banquet or speaking event, they are very special occasions. Our banquet this year will be made more special by the appearance of Scott Lively (right), a brilliant, veteran Christian culture warrior who has been leading the resistance against the homosexualist juggernaut — in the USA and across the world – for more than two decades. We will honor Scott, who has suffered greatly for doing good and honoring God and His Truth.

Lively was recently in the news after police raided his Massachusetts teen outreach center to arrest its manager, a convicted pedophile. Porno Pete recently tweeted his opposition to the gay death penalty, but his planned tribute to Lively tells the real story, doesn’t it?Note that LaBarbera predicts “homosexual protesters chanting lies” outside his banquet. Let’s hope a local JMG reader burns the ten bucks to get inside the hate fest.