GLSEN Fires Back At FRC

Last week I posted the latest lie-filled video attack on GLSEN by the shameless Christianist liars at the Family Research Council. Today GLSEN advises that they have sent a cease-and-desist letter to the FRC, demanding the removal of the video.

The false statements in the FRC video can do real and lasting harm to our work. FRC has made those false and defamatory statements in an obvious effort to raise money, undermine GLSEN’s work and maintain the status quo: school systems where LGBT students face unacceptable levels of harassment and violence and where anti-LGBT bias is a weapon of choice for bullies. We must respond forcefully and aggressively to defend our ability to fulfill our mission, and to protect ourselves and our partners in this critical work – the countless people in school communities across the country who work with GLSEN and our chapters to ensure safe and affirming schools for all students, utilizing our resources, attending our trainings, advocating with us for urgently needed change to make a positive difference in schools.

I’m betting that the FRC ignores the letter.