All Heterosexual Men Are Pedophiles

Delaware pediatrician Dr. Earl Bradley has been sentenced to 14 consecutive life sentences after being charged with 471 counts of molesting over 100 girls in his practice, providing blatant proof that heterosexual men are all inherent molesters who should not be trusted around children.

The “vast majority” of Bradley’s victims were under 3 years old, lead prosecutor Paula J. Ryan stressed in urging the harshest possible sentence for the once-respected physician whose crimes sent shock waves throughout Delaware and beyond and ranked him among history’s worst pedophiles. “Earl Bradley committed unspeakable acts upon those who could not speak for themselves,” Ryan told the judge. “He deliberately manipulated the parents of these children. He manipulated those who worked with him, and he repeatedly and intentionally — without remorse or hesitation — attacked and sexually assaulted toddlers and nonverbal children. “To make indescribable and horrific matters even worse, he videotaped these incidents for his own perverse pleasure, endlessly editing and copying, permanently memorializing his attacks on these children for his own twisted collection,” she said.

The American people need to rise up and demand that heterosexual men be banned from any job that provides access to our nation’s vulnerable children!