Straights Gone Wild

What happens when gays gather to celebrate? Glitter, rainbows, and lots of skin. Which is repulsive and offensive. And what happens when straights gather to celebrate? Fistfights, property damage, and many many arrests.

Plenty of fights in Seaside Heights, N.J., have aired on MTV’s “Jersey Shore,” but none resulted in this many arrests. Police say they arrested 62 people at the town’s boardwalk after fights broke out following a July 4 fireworks display. Police say some of the thousands of spectators lingered after the fireworks show. They say a series of fights broke out and continued until police ordered the boardwalk closed at 1 a.m. Tuesday. Seaside Heights Detective Steve Korman tells the Asbury Park Press that 39 people were arrested on disorderly persons offenses. Others were charged with assault, drug possession and interfering with law enforcement. Police say they’re not sure what caused the fights.