ATLANTA: Six Cops Fired Over Eagle Raid

Six Atlanta police officers have been fired for lying about what happened during their infamous 2009 raid on the Eagle nightclub. Other firings may be coming.

The actions come almost 10 days after the release of 343-page report detailing how 16 officers lied or destroyed evidence when asked about the raid at the Atlanta Eagle bar. The report said 10 of them lied, which usually leads to a termination because those officers can not longer testify. “Honesty goes to the very heart of a police officer’s credibility,” Chief George Turner said. “The public must be able to trust its police officers and expects them to tell the truth at all times. Failure to be truthful has serious consequences at the Atlanta Police Department. I hope my actions today serve as a reminder to those men and women on the force that dishonesty simply will not be tolerated.”

Last year the city of Atlanta paid out a $1M settlement to some of the Eagle’s patrons and staff.